Discontinuation Notice

After much consideration, Brighton Electronics, Inc. has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of ANALOG Panel Meters as of Dec 31, 2020. We will be accepting orders of any analog panel meters not available in our Oregon warehouse until November 1, 2020. For all analog panel meters available in our Oregon warehouse, we will be accepting orders until the inventory is depleted. The standard warranty terms will be honored for all units shipped to date.

AC Input Analog Panel Meter 

AC Voltmeters And Ammeters

AC Frequency Panel Meters

AC Frequency Panel Meters

DC Input Analog Panel Meter 

DC Voltmeters And Ammeters

Elapsed Time Meter 

Elapsed Time Meters

Analog Panel Meter Mechanism Types

Taut Band

A D'Arsonval Taut Band panel meter mechanism is comprised of a permanent magnet and moving coil. The suspended Taut Band is constructed of high quality alloy material which offers the customer durability and long life. This type of movement offers the advantage of friction free suspension.

Pivot & Jewel

A D'Arsonval Pivot & Jewel panel meter mechanism is comprised of a hardened pivot between two polished bearing surfaces, this movement is very rugged and shock resistant. This mechanism is suitable for use in marine, process and industrial applications.

Iron Vane

The AC Iron Vane (Moving Iron) mechanism is used primarily in AC Voltage, AC Current and Power Measurement applications. These meters are rugged in both design and construction. They offer the advantage of more accurate True RMS measurement capability when distorted, or non-sinusoidal waveforms are present.

Electrical Specification

Meet or Exceed ANSI C39.1.1981

  • Repeatability
  • Dielectric Test Voltage
  • AC Burden     
  • Accuracy: +/-2% DC
                            +/-2% AC Iron Vane 
    +/-3% AC Rectified

AC Input Analog Panel Meters

Panel Meter Mounting Types

  • Panel Board
  • Surface Mount
  • Window Mount

Meter Sizes

  • Panel Board: 2½", 3½", 4½"
  • Surface Mount: 2½", 3½", 4½"
  • Window Mount: 2½", 3½", 4½"

Movement types

  • Iron Vane

Pointer Position

  • Zero Left

Input Signals

  • AC Amperes (A AC) - 1A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, 50A, etc.
  • AC Volts (V AC) - 50V, 100V, 150V, 300V, 600V, etc.

Input Signal Ranges

  • AC Amperes: 1A Min., 50A Max.
  • AC Volts: 50V Min., 600V AC Max.
ac input analgo panel meter

AC Frequency Analog Panel Meters

Panel Meter Mounting Types & Sizes:

  • Panel Board: 2½”, 3½”, 4½” 
  • Surface Mount : 2½”, 3½”, 4½”, 5½” 
  • Window Mount : 2½”, 3½”, 4½”, 5½”

Meter Movement Type:

  • Pivot & Jewel

  • Taut Band

Frequency (Hertz) Ranges:

  • 45-55Hz, 115/230V AC 
  • 55-65Hz, 115/230V AC 
  • 45-65Hz, 115/230V AC 
  • 380-420Hz, 115/230V AC

Zero Position:

  • Zero Left


  • +/-3% of Span (+/-0.3Hz for 10Hz Span)
AC Frequency Analog Panel Meters

DC Input Analog Panel Meters

Panel Meter Types & Sizes

  • Panel Board: 1½", 2½", 3½", 4½"
  • Surface Mount: 1½", 2½", 3½", 4½", 5½"
  • Window Mount: 1½", 2½", 3½", 4½", 5½"

Movement types

  • Pivot & Jewel
  • Taut Band

Pointer Position

  • Zero Left
  • Zero Center
  • Zero Right

Input Signals

  • DC Microamperes (µA DC) - 50uA, 100uA, 200uA, etc.
  • DC Milliamperes (mA DC) - 1mA, 4-20mA, 10mA, 100mA, etc.
  • DC Amperes (A DC) - 1A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, etc.
  • DC Millivolts (mV DC) - 50mV, 100mV, 200mV, 500mV, etc.
  • DC Volts (V DC) - 1V, 3V, 5V, 10V, 50V, 100V, 150V, 300V, etc.

Input Signal Ranges

  • DC Amperes: 50 µA Min., 50A Max.
  • DC Volts: 15mV Min., 600V DC Max. 
DC Ammeters & DC Voltmeters

Elapsed Time Meters

Panel Meter Mounting Types & P/N:

  • Panel Board - P3ETM (3 1/2" size)
  • Surface Mount - S3ETM (3 1/2" size)

Input Range:

  • 0 to 99,999.99
  • Non-resettable Reading Recycles to 0


  • 1.2 Times for 2 Hours
  • 2 Times for 5 Seconds


  • 120V AC, 60Hz (105 to 130v AC)
  • Optional 230V AC, 60Hz (200 to 250V AC)

Operating Temperature:

  • -20 ° to 65 ° C

Analog Panel Meter

P3ETM (front)            S3ETM (back)