User Adjustable Digital Panel Meter -
Process Input 
4-20mA DC / 1-5V DC Panel Meters

scalable digital panel meter: 4-20mV / 1-5V process input panel meters

Window Mount

4-20mV / 1-5V process input bezel mount panel meters

Bezel Mount

Snap-in bezel 4-20mV / 1-5V process input panel meters

Snap-In Bezel Mount

1/8 DIN 4-20mV / 1-5V process input panel meters


3 1/2 Digit Panel Meter Features:

  • Shallow depth < 1 inch.
  • 3 1/2 digit (1999 counts)
  • Loop drop only 200mV DC @ 20mA DC
  • Snap-In Bezel panel meters - no mounting hardware required.
  • Switch selectable SPANS for accurate & stable adjustment in engineering units.
  • 25 turn SPAN & OFFSET adjustments for accurate calibration
  • Switch selectable decimal points.
  • Space saver case requires 60% less panel space comparing with 1/8 DIN case.
  • Screw terminal connector.

    Transducer and Transmitter Process Outputs can be displayed in engineering units.


    DC high current measurements with digital readings from 0 to 100 counts to 0 to 1999 counts for desired display in engineering units using isolated DC and AC power. Compatible with U.S. & International DC Shunt Outputs.


    4 to 20mA DC output can be displayed up to 0 to 1999 counts.

    4 to 20mA DC output display 0 to 1800 RPM.

    4 to 20mA DC output display 0 to 1450 FEET.

    Input Ranges:

    DC Voltage: 4 to 20mA DC, 1-5V DC