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Model No.     Range               Features
SIR10B 0F~950F Laser Sighting
SIR50B -58F~950F Backlight Display
SIR100B 0F~1832F  K-type Thermocouple probe   
Easy to measure surface temperature
of an object without contact
1 Year limited warranty
3 Digit LCD display with Backlight
Laser sighting
Fixed emissivity at 0.95
Accuracy 2% of reading or 4F (2C)
8:1 distance to target ratio
C/F selectable
Temperature range: - 5 to 518F (-20 to 270C)
1 Year limited warranty
Model No.    Range
GT1000  -5F~518F    
8:1 Distance Target Ratio
Emissivity Adjustable (0.3 to 0.99)
950~1832F: 2% of reading 3 digits
30~950F: 2% of reading or 3.5F(2C)
0~30F: 5F(3C) -58~0F: 9F(5C)
Operation Lock & Data Hold Function
Backlight DISPLAY
Record, Data Hold, and C/F Selectable
Pouch, K-type Probe & Battery Included
3 Year Limited Warranty