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SDT series of digital thermometers / pyrometers offer accuracy and dependability at an affordable price. Standard water and drop resistant housing. A wide range of temperature probes allows our digital thermometers to be used in most applications.
Digital Thermometers
Temperature Probes
Infrared Thermometers
Bi-metal and spirit filled analog thermometers are available and all standard models are NSF listed. Analog thermometers for meat, deep fry, oven, refrigerator, and freezer are available.
Analog Thermometers
bimetal thermometers infrared thermometers temperature probes
SIR series infrared thermometers are perfect when an easy to use, accurate and versatile non-contact infrared thermometer is required.
Infrared thermometers with backlit display, laser sighting, adjustable emissivity, and K-type thermocouple input are available.
Various types of temperature probes of J, K, and T type thermocouple and thermistor.
Four different connection types available (Submini, Bi-pole, Lemo and Lumberg).
digital contact thermometers